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Guild Wars Database News - Alliance Battles

If you earned any Wintergreen Weapons by predicting playoff results in the Xunlai Tournament House or by winning them in teh Winterfest Playoffs then you will might want to check out this page with information on how to collect them. In additional news the latest PVP Primer is online, and focuses on Alliance Battles. Here's a snippet...
Even without voice chat, you shouldn't have much trouble finding a group. Use the Party Search feature, send a tell to All Chat, or simply start your own group. Many groups that form don't look for particular criteria in players; they just want four people. With a full complement of 12 players, the odds are good that your team will get a decent combination of skills with enough healing, offense, and defense, as well as and other important aspects such as speed boosts and NPC killing power. However, take the time to Ctrl-click on Skill Bars to share your equipped skill list with your compatriots while waiting for the mission to start. This will enhance your chance at victory by giving each player advance notice of what you plan to do.

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