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Guild Wars Database News - Double Exp For Elite Skill Captures

This weekend you will receive double experience for every Elite Skill you capture in Tyria, Cantha and Elona. Be sure to take advantage of this from the 12th to 14th. In other news the Wintersday Event Broke Attendance Records. Last, but not least, there is a new State of the Game online.

New Skills (1104): Elemental Attunement, Glyph of Concentration, Glyph of Elemental Power, Glyph of Energy, Glyph of Lesser Energy, Glyph of Renewal, Glyph of Sacrifice, Air Attunement, Blinding Flash, Chain Lightning, Conjure Lightning, Enervating Charge, Gale, Glimmering Mark, Lightning Javelin, Lightning Orb, Lightning Strike, Lightning Surge, Lightning Touch, Mind Shock, Shock, Thunderclap, Whirlwind, Windborne Speed, Aftershock, Armor of Earth, Crystal Wave, Earth Attunement, Earthquake, Eruption, Grasping Earth, Iron Mist, Kinetic Armor, Magnetic Aura, Obsidian Flame, Obsidian Flesh, Stone Daggers, Stoning, Ward Against Elements, Ward Against Foes, Ward Against Melee, Aura of Restoration, Ether Prodigy, Ether Renewal, Conjure Flame, Fire Attunement, Fire Storm, Fireball, Flame Burst, Flare, Immolate, Incendiary Bonds, Inferno, Lava Font, Mark of Rodgort, Meteor, Meteor Shower, Mind Burn, Phoenix, Searing Heat, Armor of Frost, Armor of Mist, Blurred Vision, Conjure Frost, Deep Freeze, Frozen Burst, Ice Prison, Ice Spear, Ice Spikes, Maelstrom, Mind Freeze, Mist Form, Rust, Shard Storm, Swirling Aura, Taste of Pain, Ward Against Harm, Water Attunement, Water Trident, Arcane Mimicry, Echo, Epidemic, Signet of Midnight, Arcane Thievery, Backfire, Blackout, Chaos Storm, Cry of Frustration, Diversion, Empathy, Energy Burn, Energy Surge, Guilt, Hex Breaker, Mind Wrack, Panic, Power Block, Power Leak, Power Spike, Shame, Shatter Delusions, Shatter Enchantment, Shatter Hex, Signet of Weariness, Mantra of Recovery, Arcane Conundrum, Arcane Echo, Clumsiness, Conjure Phantasm, Crippling Anguish, Distortion, Ethereal Burden, Fevered Dreams, Fragility, Illusion of Haste, Illusion of Weakness, Illusionary Weaponry, Imagined Burden, Ineptitude, Mantra of Lightning, Teinai's Crystals, Migraine, Phantom Pain, Soothing Images, Sympathetic Visage, Channeling, Drain Enchantment, Elemental Resistance, Energy Drain, Energy Tap, Ether Feast, Ether Lord, Inspired Enchantment, Inspired Hex, Keystone Signet, Leech Signet, Mantra of Concentration, Mark of Fury, Mantra of Earth, Dust Cloak, Mantra of Flame, Steady Stance, Mantra of Frost, Revealed Enchantment, Mantra of Inscriptions, Mantra of Persistence, Mantra of Recall, Mantra of Resolve, Mantra of Signets, Healer's Boon, Physical Resistance, Double Dragon, Power Drain, Signet of Humility, Spirit of Failure, Spirit Shackles, Essence Bond, Holy Veil, Light of Dwayna, Martyr, Purge Conditions, Purge Signet, Remove Hex, Resurrect, Succor, Mirror of Disenchantment, Vengeance, Blessed Aura, Gladiator's Defense, Blessed Signet, Contemplation of Purity, Divine Boon, Burning Speed, Divine Healing, Divine Intervention, Divine Spirit, Peace and Harmony, Signet of Devotion, Spell Breaker, Unyielding Aura, Watchful Spirit, Heal Area, Heal Other, Heal Party, Healing Breeze, Healing Hands, Healing Seed, Healing Touch, Infuse Health, Live Vicariously, Warrior's Endurance, Mending, Orison of Healing, Restore Life, Vigorous Spirit, Word of Healing, Aegis, Amity, Convert Hexes, Draw Conditions, Guardian, Life Attunement, Enraged Lunge, Life Barrier, Life Bond, Mark of Protection, Mend Ailment, Mend Condition, Pacifism, Protective Bond, Protective Spirit, Rebirth, Restore Condition, Reversal of Fortune, Shield of Deflection, Shield of Regeneration, Shielding Hands, Vital Blessing, Bane Signet, Banish, Holy Strike, Holy Wrath, Retribution, Scourge Healing, Scourge Sacrifice, Smite, Smite Hex, Strength of Honor, Symbol of Wrath, Plague Touch, Awaken the Blood, Barbed Signet, Blood is Power, Blood Renewal, Blood Ritual, Dark Bond, Dark Fury, Dark Pact, Demonic Flesh, Life Siphon, Mark of Subversion, Offering of Blood, Order of Pain, Order of the Vampire, Shadow Strike, Signet of Agony, Soul Leech, Strip Enchantment, Touch of Agony, Unholy Feast, Vampiric Gaze, Vampiric Touch, Well of Blood, Well of Power, Barbs, Chilblains, Defile Flesh, Desecrate Enchantments, Enfeeble, Enfeebling Blood, Faintheartedness, Feast of Corruption, Insidious Parasite, Lingering Curse, Malaise, Mark of Pain, Parasitic Bond, Plague Sending, Plague Signet, Price of Failure, Rend Enchantments, Rigor Mortis, Shadow of Fear, Soul Barbs, Spinal Shivers, Spiteful Spirit, Suffering, Weaken Armor, Wither, Animate Bone Fiend, Animate Bone Horror, Animate Bone Minions, Aura of the Lich, Blood of the Master, Consume Corpse, Dark Aura, Death Nova, Deathly Chill, Deathly Swarm, Infuse Condition, Malign Intervention, Necrotic Traversal, Putrid Explosion, Rotting Flesh, Soul Feast, Tainted Flesh, Taste of Death, Vile Touch, Virulence, Well of Suffering, Antidote Signet, Called Shot, Conflagration, Debilitating Shot, Dual Shot, Quick Shot, Bestial Pounce, Brutal Strike, Call of Haste, Call of Protection, Charm Animal, Comfort Animal, Disrupting Lunge, Edge of Extinction, Energizing Wind, Feral Lunge, Ferocious Strike, Fertile Season, Maiming Strike, Predatory Season, Primal Echoes, Revive Animal, Scavenger Strike, Symbiosis, Symbiotic Bond, Distracting Shot, Dodge, Reap Impurities, Escape, Lightning Reflexes, Oath Shot, Point Blank Shot, Practiced Stance, Throw Dirt, Whirling Defense, Barrage, Concussion Shot, Crippling Shot, Determined Shot, Favorable Winds, Penetrating Attack, Pin Down, Power Shot, Precision Shot, Whirling Axe, Punishing Shot, Read the Wind, Savage Shot, Apply Poison, Barbed Trap, Choking Gas, Dust Trap, Flame Trap, Frozen Soil, Greater Conflagration, Healing Spring, Ignite Arrows, Incendiary Arrows, Kindle Arrows, Poison Arrow, Quickening Zephyr, Spike Trap, Storm Chaser, Troll Unguent, Winnowing, Winter, Counter Blow, Disrupting Chop, Distracting Blow, Flurry, Frenzy, Hundred Blades, Pure Strike, Skull Crack, Wild Blow, Grenth's Balance, Axe Rake, Axe Twist, Cleave, Cyclone Axe, Dismember, Eviscerate, Penetrating Blow, Swift Chop, Kitah's Burden, Backbreaker, Belly Smash, Crude Swing, Crushing Blow, Devastating Hammer, Earth Shaker, Hammer Bash, Heavy Blow, Irresistible Blow, Mighty Blow, Staggering Blow, Battle Rage, Berserker Stance, Defy Pain, Dolyak Signet, Dwarven Battle Stance, Endure Pain, Flourish, Power Attack, Rush, Shield Bash, Sprint, Final Thrust, Galrath Slash, Gash, Hamstring, Savage Slash, Seeking Blade, Lamentation, Sever Artery, Balanced Stance, Deadly Riposte, Defensive Stance, Deflect Arrows, Desperation Blow, Disciplined Stance, Healing Signet, Riposte, Shield Stance, Thrill of Victory, Wary Stance, Resurrection Signet, Signet of Capture, Black Lotus Strike, Critical Defenses, Critical Eye, Critical Strike, Dark Apostasy, Palm Strike, Seeping Wound, Sharpen Daggers, Unsuspecting Strike, Black Mantis Thrust, Blades of Steel, Death Blossom, Desperate Strike, Disrupting Stab, Falling Spider, Flashing Blades, Fox Fangs, Golden Lotus Strike, Golden Phoenix Strike, Horns of the Ox, Jagged Strike, Jungle Strike, Moebius Strike, Nine Tail Strike, Repeating Strike, Temple Strike, Twisting Fangs, Wild Strike, Crippling Dagger, Dancing Daggers, Dark Prison, Enduring Toxin, Entangling Asp, Expose Defenses, Screaming Shot, Expunge Enchantments, Impale, Iron Palm, Mantis Touch, Mark of Death, Mark of Instability, Scorpion Wire, Shameful Fear, Shroud of Silence, Signet of Shadows, Siphon Speed, Siphon Strength, Way of the Empty Palm, Beguiling Haze, Caltrops, Heart of Shadow, Mirrored Stance, Return, Shadow Form, Shadow Refuge, Shadow Shroud, Shadowy Burden, Shroud of Distress, Unseen Fury, Way of Perfection, Way of the Fox, Way of the Lotus, Aura of Displacement, Dash, Recall, Signet of Malice, Spirit Walk, Cruel Was Daoshen, Destruction, Essence Strike, Gaze from Beyond, Grasping Was Kuurong, Nightmare Weapon, Painful Bond, Signet of Spirits, Spirit Boon Strike, Spirit Burn, Spirit Channeling, Spirit Rift, Spirit Siphon, Splinter Weapon, Wailing Weapon, Anguished Was Lingwah, Binding Chains, Brutal Weapon, Defiant Was Xinrae, Disenchantment, Displacement, Dissonance, Dulled Weapon, Earthbind, Guided Weapon, Reckless Haste, Mighty Was Vorizun, Pain, Restoration, Shadowsong, Shelter, Soothing, Union, Vital Weapon, Wanderlust, Weapon of Quickening, Blind Was Mingson, Flesh of My Flesh, Generous Was Tsungrai, Life, Lively Was Naomei, Mend Body and Soul, Preservation, Protective Was Kaolai, Recuperation, Resilient Was Xiko, Resilient Weapon, Soothing Memories, Spirit Light, Spirit Light Weapon, Spirit Transfer, Tranquil Was Tanasen, Vengeful Was Khanhei, Vengeful Weapon, Weapon of Shadow, Weapon of Warding, Poisonous Bite, Attuned Was Songkai, Boon of Creation, Consume Soul, Doom, Explosive Growth, Feast of Souls, Ghostly Haste, Ritual Lord, Signet of Creation, Spirit to Flesh, Soul Twisting, Ignorance, Revealed Hex, Signet of Twilight, Death Pact Signet, Signet of Disenchantment, Victorious Sweep, Overload, Melandru's Resilience, Tiger's Fury, Signet of Suffering, Rage of the Ntouka, Signet of Sorrow, ", Deadly Haste, Forceful Blow, Destructive was Glaive, Blazing Spear, Disrupting Dagger, Bed of Coals, Rupture Soul, Well of Silence, Enchanter's Conundrum, Life Sheath, Triple Chop, Jaizhenju Strike, Bestial Mauling, Bitter Chill, Signet of Return, Feast for the Dead, Flame Djinn's Haste, Feedback, Words of Comfort, Ebon Dust Aura, Hunter's Shot, Heket's Rampage, Extinguish, Defensive Anthem, Stoneflesh Aura, Signet of Synergy, Marksman's Wager, Otyugh's Cry, Ghostmirror Light, Reaper's Sweep, Swap, Spear of Light, Defender's Zeal, Rodgort's Invocation, Contagion, Verata's Gaze, Power Flux, Spiritual Pain, Song of Power, Crippling Anthem, Heart of Fury, Aura of Faith, Sliver Armor, Signet of Pious Light, Silverwing Slash, Disrupting Accuracy, Avatar of Melandru, Needling Shot, Bladeturn Refrain, Scavenger's Focus, Vow of Silence, Weapon of Remedy, Burning Refrain, Harrier's Grasp, Meekness, Serpent's Quickness, Exhausting Assault, Churning Earth, Chilling Victory, Enchanted Haste, Judge's Intervention, Balthazar's Aura, Crossfire, Augury of Death, Pious Renewal, Sandstorm, Onslaught, Savannah Heat, Signet of Judgment, Wail of Doom, Complicate, Signet of Binding, Harrier's Toss, Natural Healing, Enraging Charge, Savage Pounce, Signet of Disruption, Heal as One, Song of Concentration, Signet of Aggression, Avatar of Balthazar, Vicious Attack, Air of Disenchantment, Invoke Lightning, Scribe's Insight, Shield of Judgment, Lacerate, Mind Blast, Protector's Defense, Angelic Bond, Anthem of Envy, Cultist's Fervor, Muddy Terrain, Persistence of Memory, Sand Shards, Wild Throw, Snare, Blood Drinker, Gaze of Contempt, Enduring Harmony, Purifying Finale, Lyssa's Balance, Extend Enchantments, Song of Restoration, Resurrection Chant, Trapper's Focus, Eremite's Attack, Expert's Dexterity, Avatar of Grenth, Rending Aura, Stone Sheath, Prepared Shot, Light of Deliverance, Blessed Light, Aria of Zeal, Ulcerous Lungs, Shatterstone, Anthem of Flame, Animate Flesh Golem, Vile Miasma, Soldier's Stance, Flail, Pious Haste, Critical Chop, Shove, Intimidating Aura, Unblockable Throw, Extend Conditions, Tripwire, Lightning Hammer, Leader's Comfort, Furious Axe, Auspicious Incantation, Finale of Restoration, Restful Breeze, Attacker's Insight, Roaring Winds, Mirror of Ice, Hex Eater Signet, Icy Shackles, Run as One, Vampiric Spirit, Wearying Strike, Recovery, Song of Purification, Signet of Rage, Expel Hexes, Offering of Spirit, Pain of Disenchantment, Arcing Shot, Ray of Judgment, Boon Signet, Protector's Strike, Lyric of Zeal, Master of Magic, Ancestor's Visage, Shattering Assault, Magehunter Strike, Fetid Ground, Healer's Covenant, Simple Thievery, Warmonger's Weapon, Envenom Enchantments, Supportive Spirit, Dragon's Stomp, Healing Light, Discord, Shadow Walk, Slayer's Spear, Grenth's Grasp, Black Spider Strike, Banishing Strike, Discharge Enchantment, Watchful Intervention, Energizing Finale, Crippling Slash, Wallow's Bite, Bloodsong, Wielder's Boon, Lyssa's Haste, Wastrel's Collapse, Zojun's Haste, Imbue Health, Spirit Bond, Infuriating Heat, Visions of Regret, Famine, Chilling Winds, Price of Pride, Hidden Caltrops, Way of the Assassin, Quivering Blade, Storm's Embrace, Zealous Benediction, Ballad of Restoration, Test of Faith, Soldier's Fury, Glyph of Essence, Signet of Clumsiness, Crippling Sweep, Marauder's Shot, Wastrel's Demise, Sundering Attack, Icy Prism, Symbolic Celerity, Aura of Thorns, Rending Sweep, Reaper's Mark, Liquid Flame, Karei's Healing Circle, Blinding Powder, Auspicious Parry, Angelic Protection, Accumulated Pain, Grenth's Fingers, Spear of Lightning, Headbutt, Drunken Blow, Healing Burst, Blazing Finale, Focused Anger, Executioner's Strike, Icy Veins, Rampage as One, Irresistible Sweep, Equinox, Natural Stride, Teinai's Wind, Death's Retreat, Breath of Fire, Spirit's Strength, Energizing Chorus, Healing Whisper, Tiger Stance, Channeled Strike, Energy Boon, Fox's Promise, Locust's Fury, Jaundiced Gaze, Eremite's Zeal, Decapitate, Mark of Insecurity, Vocal Minority, Dwayna's Kiss, Blinding Surge, Zealot's Fire, Defile Enchantments, Caretaker's Charge, Oppressive Gaze, Fleeting Stability, Poisoned Heart, Signet of Toxic Shock, Armor of Sanctity, Glimmer of Light, Signet of Stamina, Spirit's Gift, Balthazar's Spirit, Cautery Signet, Predator's Pounce, Ethereal Light, Toxic Chill, Animate Vampiric Horror, Harrier's Haste, Steam, Renew Life, Unnatural Signet, Signet of Mystic Wrath, Anthem of Fury, Deadly Paradox, Shadow Meld, Scourge Enchantment, Vital Boon, Awe, Toxicity, Conjure Nightmare, Ancestors' Rage, Unsteady Ground, Lyric of Purification, Shatter Storm, Stonesoul Strike, Enraged Smash, Vow of Strength, Smoldering Embers, Ebon Hawk, Forked Arrow, Dwayna's Touch, Divert Hexes, Balthazar's Rage, Burning Arrow, Lift Enchantment, Mystic Corruption, Armor of Unfeeling, Staggering Force, Blood Bond, Bull's Charge, Assassin's Remedy, Wounding Strike, Soul Bind, Assassin's Promise, Dryder's Defenses, Ravenous Gaze, Clamor of Souls, Quicksand, Ether Signet, Gaze of Fury, Wielder's Strike, Bonetti's Defense, Lava Arrows, Balthazar's Pendulum, Vampiric Swarm, Signet of Lost Souls, Lion's Comfort, Anthem of Guidance, Soldier's Defense, Lyssa's Aura, Sun and Moon Slash, Tease, Well of the Profane, Arcane Larceny, Word of Censure, Frenzied Defense, Jagged Bones, Frigid Armor, Symbols of Inspiration, Order of Undeath, Zealous Anthem, Glowing Signet, Heart of Holy Flame, Disrupting Throw, Melandru's Assault, Viper's Defense, Godspeed, Power Leech, Vocal was Sogolon, Melandru's Shot, Featherfoot Grace, Mirage Cloak, Reversal of Damage, Lifebane Strike, Dragon Slash, Zealous Renewal, Barbed Arrows, Signet of Removal, Standing Slash, Winds of Disenchantment, Cruel Spear, Brambles, Twin Moon Sweep, Conviction, Glowstone, Signet of Rejuvenation, Veil of Thorns, Archer's Signet, Burst of Aggression, Magehunter's Smash, Psychic Distraction, Natural Temper, Gust, Mystic Twister, Corrupt Enchantment, Bestial Fury, Stone Striker, Deny Hexes, Power Return, Wastrel's Worry, Nature's Renewal, Avatar of Dwayna, Broad Head Arrow, Mokele Smash, Vampiric Bite, Penetrating Chop, Shockwave, Elemental Flame, Pensive Guardian, Second Wind, Freezing Gust, Aria of Restoration, Mistrust, Drain Delusions, Air of Enchantment, Release Enchantments, Well of Weariness, Judge's Insight, Remedy Signet, Web of Disruption, Bull's Strike, Barbed Spear, Wielder's Remedy, Verata's Sacrifice, Overbearing Smash, Signet of Illusions, Fierce Blow, Mighty Throw, Pious Assault, Draw Spirit, Kirin's Wrath, Counterattack, Renewing Smash, Sight Beyond Sight, Storm Djinn's Haste, Lacerating Chop, Arc Lightning, Meditation, Images of Remorse, Melandru's Arrows, Wielder's Zeal, Griffon's Sweep, Watchful Healing, Signet of Strength, Spell Shield, Merciless Spear, Mystic Vigor, Faithful Intervention, Barbarous Slice, Symbolic Posture, Assault Enchantments, Chorus of Restoration, Golden Skull Strike, Guiding Hands, Arcane Zeal, Malicious Strike, Dark Escape, Mystic Sweep, Psychic Instability, Primal Rage, Stunning Strike, Stolen Speed, Shield of Absorption, Pounce, Heaven's Delight, Mending Touch, Pious Restoration, Blood of the Aggressor, Empowerment, Putrid Flesh, Signet of Ghostly Might, Depravity, Hexbreaker Aria, Soldier's Strike, Auspicious Blow, Wearying Spear, Predatory Bond, Weapon of Fury, Empathic Removal, Vapor Blade, Frustration, Rending Touch, Teinai's Prison, Seeking Arrows, Feigned Neutrality, Dwayna's Sorrow, Gift of Health, Arcane Languor, Pestilence, Strike as One, Magebane Shot, Ash Blast, Agonizing Chop, Holy Haste, Renewing Surge, Warrior's Cunning, Viper's Nest, Glowing Gaze, Pious Concentration, Ride the Lightning, Withdraw Hexes, Rip Enchantment, Keen Arrow, Glyph of Restoration, Ether Phantom, Xinrae's Weapon, Weaken Knees, Renewing Memories, Rising Bile, Tranquility, Teinai's Heat, Leaping Mantis Sting, Glass Arrows, Enfeebling Touch, Shadow Prison, Mystic Regeneration, Reclaim Essence, Shield Guardian, Searing Flames, Order of Apostasy, Anguish, Avatar of Lyssa, Well of Darkness, Shock Arrow, Spoil Victor, Death's Charge, Vow of Piety, Shivers of Dread, Hex Eater Vortex, Yeti Smash, Splinter Shot, Golden Fox Strike, Jamei's Gaze, Mystic Sandstorm, Trapper's Speed, Hypochondria, Zojun's Shot, Swift Javelin, Illusion of Pain, Ward of Stability, Star Burst, Healing Ring, Mystic Healing, Shadow of Haste, Lyssa's Assault, Whirling Charge, Leader's Zeal, Lightning Bolt, Recurring Insecurity, Verata's Aura, Mending Refrain, Focused Shot, Reverse Hex, Zealous Vow, Steelfang Slash, Charging Strike, Shared Burden, Leviathan's Sweep, Smoke Trap, Ether Prism, Aggressive Refrain, Animate Shambling Horror, Dismiss Condition
Updated Skills (1): Life Transfer

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