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Guild Wars Quests

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Across The WallLakeside CountyPre Searing250
Adventure With An AllyLakeside CountyPre Searing100
Altheas AshesPiken SquarePost Searing2000
Ancient SecretsThe Amnoon OasisPost Searing1000
Army LifePiken SquarePost Searing250
Army Of DarknessFissure Of WoePost Searing10000
Bandit RaidAscalon CityPre Searing250
Bandit TroubleNorth Kryta ProvincePost Searing500
Barradins AdvanceAscalon CityPost Searing250
Barradins StandAscalon CityPost Searing500
A Belated BetrothalSeekers PassagePost Searing1000
Blankets For The SettlersNorth Kryta ProvincePost Searing500
Blood And SmokeEttins BackPost Searing500
A Brothers FuryDruids OverlookPost Searing500
Caravan In TroubleEastern FrontierPost Searing250
Casualty ReportPiken SquarePost Searing150
Charr At The GateAscalon CityPre Searing250
Charr In The CatacombsAscalon CityPre Searing250
Charr ReinforcementsPiken SquarePost Searing500
Cities Of AscalonAscalon CityPost Searing1000
Clearing The ChamberThe UnderworldPost Searing5000
Cold OneSorrows FurnacePost Searing1500
Counting The FallenAscalon CityPost Searing500
A Cure For RalenaSardelac SanitariumPost Searing300
Death In The RuinsSardelac SanitariumPost Searing250
Defend DenraviDroknars ForgePost Searing20000
Defend Droknars ForgeDroknars ForgePost Searing20000
Defend North Kryta ProvinceDroknars ForgePost Searing20000
Defend The Temple Of WarFissure Of WoePost Searing10000
Defend The WallAscalon CityPost Searing500
Deliver A Message To My WifeFort RanikPost Searing500
Demon AssassinsThe UnderworldPost Searing10000
Domination MagicFoibles FairPre Searing250
Dropping EavesEttins BackPost Searing500
Duties Of A LionguardNorth Kryta ProvincePost Searing500
Elemental KnowledgeOld AscalonPost Searing250
Elementalist TestLakeside CountyPre Searing500
Endagered SpeciesOld AscalonPost Searing200
Escort Of SoulsThe UnderworldPost Searing10000
Experimental ElixerSerenity TemplePost Searing500
Eye For ProfitDruids OverlookPost Searing500
Fallen SoldiersPiken SquarePost Searing250
Family TiesSardelac SanitariumPost Searing500
Final AssaultGrenths FootprintPost Searing10000
Final BlowEmber Light CampPost Searing500
Fire In The HoleSorrows FurnacePost Searing1500
Fires In The EastAscalon CityPost Searing500
Fires In The NorthPiken SquarePost Searing1000
Forgotten WisdomSkyward ReachPost Searing1500
Frontier Gate FugitivesFrontier GatePost Searing1000
Further AdventuresLakeside CountyPre Searing250
Garfazz BloodfangPiken SquarePost Searing500
Gargoyle TroubleOld AscalonPost Searing200
Gathering ResourcesSorrows FurnacePost Searing1500
Ghostly VengeanceAugury RockPost Searing1000
A Gift For AltheaLakeside CountyPre Searing250
A Gift Of GriffonsFissure Of WoePost Searing10000
Graven ImagesNorth Kryta ProvincePost Searing600
Grawl InvasionGreen Hills CountyPre Searing250
Gwens FluteLakeside CountyPre Searing250
Gwens Tapestry ShredLakeside CountyPre Searing
Hammer And AnvilPiken SquarePost Searing500
A Heart Of IceYaks BendPost Searing350
Helping The DwarvesYaks BendPost Searing250
Helping The People Of AscalonOld AscalonPost Searing200
Hungry DevourerBeacons PerchPost Searing500
Imprisoned SpiritsThe UnderworldPost Searing10000
In Memory Of PaulusOld AscalonPost Searing300
Into The BreachOld AscalonPost Searing300
Into The UnknownAugury RockPost Searing1000
Iron Horse War MachineTravelers ValePost Searing500
Khobay The BetrayerFissure Of WoePost Searing10000
Kilroy StoneskinSorrows FurnacePost Searing3000
Little Thoms Big CloakLakeside CountyPre Searing250
Malaquires TestLions ArchPost Searing500
Merchants PleaLions ArchPost Searing500
Mesmer TestLakeside CountyPre Searing500
Mesmerizing The EnemySardelac SanitariumPost Searing200
A Mesmers BurdenLakeside CountyPre Searing250
Message From A FriendAscalon CityPre Searing100
Military MattersOld AscalonPost Searing250
Minaars TroubleTravelers ValePost Searing500
Minaars WorryTravelers ValePost Searing500
A Mission Of PeaceOld AscalonPost Searing250
Monk TestLakeside CountyPre Searing500
A Monks MissionAshford AbbeyPre Searing250
Mysterious MessageDruids OverlookPost Searing500
Necromancer TestLakeside CountyPre Searing500
A New Elementalist TrainerLakeside CountyPre Searing250
A New Mesmer TrainerLakeside CountyPre Searing250
A New Monk TrainerLakeside CountyPre Searing250
A New Necromancer TrainerLakeside CountyPre Searing250
A New Ranger TrainerLakeside CountyPre Searing250
A New Warrior TrainerLakeside CountyPre Searing250
Noble IntentionsSorrows FurnacePost Searing4000
Noble Intentions, Plan BSorrows FurnacePost Searing4000
Oberans RageSardelac SanitariumPost Searing350
Opposition To The KingLakeside CountyPre Searing500
Orrian ExcavationLions ArchPost Searing400
Oswalts EpitaphTravelers ValePost Searing500