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Guild Wars A Brothers Fury

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NameA Brothers Fury
LocationDruids Overlook
TimelinePost Searing
Quest GiverTrader Versai
Reward GiverWitness Giselle
Dialogue"Justiciar Thommis' younger brother Rhynnon was killed, supposedly by a gang of jungle-dwelling rebels. I'don't put much stock in the rumors; how anyone could survive in that jungle is beyond me.

Anyway, he's right over there, but I wouldn't disturb him if I were you. Unless you're here to help him track down his brother's killers...."
Objectives1. Speak with Justiciar Thommis
2. Speak with House Ranger Amon
3. Speak with House Ranger Lanalt
4. Speak with House Ranger Rionel
5. See Witness Giselle for your reward.
WalkthroughAfter exiting Druid's Overlook, Justiciar Thommis will stand right in front of you. After speaking with him follow the path along the valley to the north to speak with House Ranger Amon (you should already see him from there).

Further to the northwest, along the same track you'll find House Ranger Lanalt. Then turn northeast, and follow the path away from the valley. Turn east, cross the bridge over the valley. That's where you find House Ranger Rionel.

Continue along this path and you'll get to The Wilds, where you'll find Witness Giselle.

Note: The last part of the path has some nasty surprises in store for you, like a pack of the poisonous Maguuma Spiders.


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