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Guild Wars A Gift Of Griffons

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NameA Gift Of Griffons
LocationFissure Of Woe
TimelinePost Searing
DifficultyVery Hard
Quest GiverThe Wailing Lord
Reward GiverRastigan The Eternal
Dialogue"Please...perhaps you can help me. I wish to express to Balthazar my sincere respect and admiration. I offer three forest griffins that have served me since their acceptance into this eternal realm as hounds for the God of War. You shall find them scattered throughout the forest. If you would be so kind as to gather all three and lead them to the Tower of Courage, I would be in your debt."
Objectives1. Escort three Forest Griffons to the Tower of Courage.
2. See Rastigan The Eternal for your reward.
WalkthroughMake sure to clear the west side of the forest before taking this quest because the Griffons will appear there. Approach them and they will follow your party. They will not follow anyone in particular but will run amongs the party members.

Even if you had cleared the way from the Tower of Courage to the Forest, several groups will spawn on your back. They will be exactly the same as the ones you cleared to get to the Wailing Lord. Fight them only if you need to as the death of one Griffon means the end of the quest and your time in the Fissure.

You should be able to completely avoid a few of the Skeleton Army groups but will probably have to engage a few of the Shadow Army groups. With good tanking, the Griffons should come to no harm.


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