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Guild Wars A New Elementalist Trainer

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NameA New Elementalist Trainer
LocationLakeside County
TimelinePre Searing
DifficultyVery Easy
Quest GiverHaversdan
Reward GiverElementalist Aziure
Dialogue"To become a more powerful Elementalist, I think you should start with Elementalist Aziure. She is performing experiments at the tower in Wizards Folly. Follow the road southwest from town and continue past Ashford to reach Wizard's Folly."
Objectives1. Go to Wizards Folly.
2. Talk to Elementalist Aziure.
WalkthroughGo to Wizards Folly and go south into the mountains. Follow the path to the tower and talk to Elementalist Aziure.


rotation <2008-05-15 23:45:08>
listeria <Guest>I was happy with GW but now I have lately having problems with character rotation, moving to slowly, and account and logging problems!! I expected more so now I am looking at other games, seems the game has gotten bogged down and accts system is a joke for more than one game acct. I also have nightfall and tried for lineage no

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