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Guild Wars Charm Animal

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NameCharm Animal
Character ClassRanger
Spell TypeSkill
Trained From:
Recieved from Quest:Endagered Species
AttributeBeast Mastery
DescriptionCharm target animal. Once charmed, your animal companion will travel with you whenever you have Charm Animal equipped.


Removing Animal <2006-11-21 22:33:36>
Penance <Guest>hello all. i know it says on the move description that the charmed animal will follow you whenever charm animal is equipped, but, how do i remove a charmed animal in order to get a new pet. is this possible or have i got myself stuck with a elandrus stalker forever?

remove pet <2007-01-24 04:08:46>
mike <Guest>i was wondering how do i remove the pet that i charmed. because i kinda sucks having the same pet forever

pet removal <2007-01-24 18:31:05>
loki <Guest>there is a trainer outside of ascalon that will but ur pet off u this is the only to get rid of ur current pet

charm animal <2007-02-04 18:04:02>
steve <Guest>how do i get the melandrus stalker to come with me.. if i get the skill charm animal after the quest? please help im stuck for so long...

charm animal <2007-03-11 19:01:17>
caluclator <Guest>there is a pet collctor outside ascalon city in post and next to the ranger trainer in pre. They collect pets so you can get a new one

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